Financial Regulation

Financial Regulation

Uniquely in comparison to similar Italian firms, in 2003 Chiomenti established an ad hoc Practice Area dedicated to financial regulation. Since then, the regulatory framework – which plays a central role in the functioning of the finance system and the dynamics of the economy – has become increasingly complex, multi-layered and subject to repeated change.

Thanks to progressively becoming a leader in the market and to the related structural growth of this Practice Area, Chiomenti can today count on a team that, because of its size, structure and skills, is perfectly capable of responding to the needs of all operators in this sector, keeping up with the fast-paced evolution of laws and innovative technologies servicing the markets.

The Practice Area is characterized by its organizational and functional framework and by the variety and complexity of the issues it covers. Chiomenti ensures expert assistance in all regulated areas: banking, insurance, financial markets, wealth management and payment services.

A further distinctive feature of the Practice Area in the Italian market is its professionals, many of whom have significant prior experience in the supervisory departments at the Bank of Italy and Consob (the Italian securities and markets authority), and have advised the Bank of Italy on and been nominated as participants in ESMA Advisory Groups, and with an international outlook as well as significant academic qualifications.

The Firm has deep experience in managing relations with both Italian and foreign supervisory authorities, also in proceedings that could result in penalties.

ThePractice Area provides support in M&A and finance transactions, both in the initial structuring phase and in the interactions with Italian and foreign supervisory authorities.

In November 2015, Chiomenti established a hub with Cuatrecasas, Gide Loyrette Nouel and Gleiss Lutz, based in Frankfurt, that analyzes complex regulatory legal issues that cut across the jurisdictions covered by these firms.


  • The multi-disciplinary character of the services provided and the educational and professional background of the team, as well as the related capacity to interpret and apply the law in various sectors, analysing both their specificities and similarities.

  • The deep technical knowledge of the Practice Area’s professionals and a constant attention to training and keeping up to date with relevant developments is the only way to provide clients with cutting-edge assistance in sectors subject to a constantly changing legal framework.

  • A deep inside knowledge of the relevant markets, of business and distribution models and of relevant products.
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