Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance

Chiomenti has acted as legal adviser to leading companies in the banking, finance, and industrial sector in high profile financial transactions in both Italian and international markets. 

Chiomenti has wide and consolidated experience assisting banks, financial intermediaries, investment funds, asset management companies and insurance companies.

The firm advises its financial and industrial clients on the full range of finance transactions, putting at their service its unrivalled expertise in innovative and particularly complex finance transactions. These include corporate lending, real estate financing, acquisition finance (both for industrial operators and private equity funds), project finance (both in the energy field and for infrastructure), structured finance (credit transfers and securitisation), mezzanine financing, alternative financing, debt instrument issuances (including banking instruments such as covered bonds and hybrid instruments as well as quasi-debt or quasi-equity participating financial instruments), debt restructuring, derivatives, export finance, marine financing, public finance, and innovative insurance products. 

Chiomenti plays a key role in the Italian market, also in relation to legislative and regulatory developments. Its professionals are regularly asked to participate in groups and commissions working on proposed changes to the rules applicable to the sector.



  • Innovation born from its experience and professionalism: a profound knowledge of the legal complexities and the client’s needs, together with the skills and creativity of its professionals, have always put Chiomenti at the forefront in putting together and executing the most innovative transactions in the sector.

  • Multidisciplinary approach: Chiomenti’s professionals active in this sector, in addition to their own experience, versatility and complete technical knowledge, also benefit from the support of the Firm's other practice areas, allowing them to recognize and quickly resolve all issues, even those arising on the most innovative transactions.

  • International outlook: expertise in Italian law, coupled with and enhanced by that of our professionals with common law qualifications, allows Chiomenti to excel with solutions that take account of the particular characteristics of both Italian and common law.

  • Skill in negotiation: profound knowledge of the legal issues and wider context and intellectual rigour accompanied by a professionalism acknowledged by colleagues and peers allows Chiomenti's professionals to reach successful outcomes in even the most delicate negotiations.

  • Efficient organisational structure: Chiomenti constantly and scrupulously pursues the objective of ensuring the best assistance possible through dedicated teams with the appropriate mix of experience and skills.



Structured Finance. Securitisation. Covered bonds.

Chiomenti has contributed significantly to the introduction into the Italian market of products and techniques developed in the international markets, especially in structured finance, assisting clients in cutting‑edge transactions in the Italian market. 

Its consolidated experience of the laws on securitisation, starting with its assistance in the 1990’s on the very first transactions carried out in Italy, has allowed the firm to contribute to the adoption of Italian legislation on securitisation and covered bonds. 

The firm assisted the arrangers of the first issue in Italy, made under a special regime, of securities which are similar to the covered bonds in the major European markets, and is the leading law firm in this area.

Acquisition Finance.

Chiomenti assists the leading Italian and international banks, as well as alternative funds, in the structuring, negotiation, and execution of acquisition finance transactions by industrial, commercial, financial and insurance companies in all forms, including leveraged buy-outs, management buy-outs, merger leveraged buy-outs and high yield financing. The firm also assists banks in relation to financing takeover bids. Chiomenti advised on the first Italian merger leveraged buy-out funded by an issuance of mini-bonds.


Chiomenti is the market leader in the NPLs sector, in which it has advised investors, originators and lending banks in the principal transactions carried out in Italy in recent years. Thanks to its ability to provide assistance in complex operations, the Firm is a point of reference both for the sale of portfolios and for ”single name” deals.

Project Finance.

Chiomenti has acted as adviser to banks or sponsors in the largest project financing transactions in Italy. Specifically, the firm has acted directly on the main financings for the construction and development of power plants, both commercial and with low environmental impact, as well as wind and photovoltaic plants. Chiomenti has also advised on some of the largest nationally important infrastructure transactions.

Finance for local authorities.

Chiomenti has extensive expertise in local and territorial finance. Specifically, the firm has assisted local authorities on investment and refinancing issues in the Euro and domestic markets, as well as on derivatives, real estate securitisation, and the establishment of real estate funds through local authority contributions. On such transactions, the firm variously assists the local authorities, financiers and investors, arrangers, lead managers and dealers of issuances, and swap counterparties. 

Marine and Aviation Finance.

Financing transactions for the construction of aircraft and ships give rise to particular issues deriving from the specific legal regimes covering those assets. Chiomenti has consolidated experience in this area, having advised banks and financial intermediaries engaged in the provision of funding for the construction and purchase of ships and aircraft, including security over the same.

Export finance, leasing, and asset finance.

Chiomenti has over 25 years of experience in the export finance sector, having assisted and continuing to assist national agencies and enterprises, as well as Italian and foreign banks, in large credit transactions and export insurance. 

Real Estate Finance.

Chiomenti assists leading Italian and international banks as well as large Italian and international real estate groups in the structuring, negotiation, and execution of large Italian real estate finance transactions, including through the establishment of real estate funds. 

Private Wealth, Trusts, and Fiduciary Activities.

Chiomenti assists clients in the Private Wealth areas through a dedicated Practice Area.


Chiomenti assists clients on Restructurings through a dedicated Practice Area.

"The team is always solid and reliable."
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"having the capacity to solve problems and helping the client extract value."
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Chiomenti is a one-stop shop.
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Very strong on private client.
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I think of them very highly.
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They have a strong reputation in the market, they are very responsive and meet our expectations. In every case it has been a good relationship.
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They are excellent because of their response time, which makes them great for working with time-sensitive clients. The Italian tax system is difficult to navigate and needs a different approach, and they are very good at doing this in an international context.
-Chambers HNW 2016