Chiomenti hosts the IBA European Fashion and Luxury Law Conference (21 June 2018, Milan)


Chiomenti is Host Committee Member of the IBA European Fashion and Luxury Law Conference, which will be held in Milan on 21 June 2018 at the Grand Hotel et de Milan, and will participate with its partner Luca Andrea Frignani at the panel relating to The digital challenges for luxury and fashion brands". 

The IBA European Regional Forum, together with the other IBA Committees on Closely Held and Growing Business Enterprises, Corporate and M&A Law, Corporate Social Responsibility, Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law and the International Sales  have decided to launch the Conference focusing on the fashion and luxury industry and on four themes relevant to the industry and the legal aspects linked to them: the supply chains and the legal risks linked to them; the digital challenges of the online and digital marketplace; the key challenges a company may encounter when growing and developing a high profile brand; and the similarities and differences between the business models of the so-called ‘fast fashion’ and the luxury companies.

The aim of the Conference is to help law practitioners develop and enhance their knowledge and abilities working in and with fashion and luxury businesses so they can better advise their clients, assisting them in how to face and solve their legal challenges and risks.

Chiomenti is Host Committee Member and will join the Conference with its partner Luca Andrea Frignani, who is one among the European Regional Forum and LPD Conference Co-Chairs and will act as moderator of the panel on “The digital challenges for luxury and fashion brands" panel, which is aimed at analyzing the major challenges that luxury and fashion brands are facing when adapting to the digital era.

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