Chiomenti, entry of Loredana Giani Maguire as of Counsel in the administrative law team


Chiomenti strengthens its competences in administrative law with the entry of Prof. Loredana Gianni Maguire, new of Counsel coming from Prof. Franco Gaetano Scoca’s law firm, where she has carried out professional activities in favor of public administrations, public companies and private subjects with particular focus on environmental and urban law.


Loredana Giani Maguire, licensed to practice in Italy and Scotland, is a professor of administrative law at the European University of Rome and she previously taught environmental law at the Faculty of Economics of the University of L' Aquila and urban planning law at the Faculty of Architecture - Valle Giulia, La Sapienza University of Rome.

Loredana Giani Maguire's entry into the administrative law department team, managed by the partner Filippo Brunetti, is part of a process of renewal and growth consistent with the Firm’s multidisciplinary vision. In her role Loredana Giani Maguire will bring new and qualified skills on environmental and urban law area. With the role of senior attorney, Katia Zulberti, who comes from the NCTM studio in Milan.