European Network webinar on “Clean teams in M&A: washing the risk at 40 or 90 degrees?”, 10 December 2020


On December 10, 2020 (1 p.m. CET) Chiomenti, with leading law firms Partners Cuatrecasas, Gide Loyrette Nouel and Gleiss Lutz, and Patrick Actis Perinetto attending as speaker, holds a webinar on “Clean teams in M&A: washing the risk at 40 or 90 degrees?”.


In M&A transactions, the use of clean teams has become standard practice, at least for transactions involving competitors. Despite the apparent routine, the set-up and management of a clean team raises recurring issues, and it does not seem far-fetched to assume that the solutions adopted by the undertakings concerned are often insufficiently adapted to the particular case. As a result, there is a risk of under- or over-enforcement of competition law.

These issues affect thousands of transactions every year. Despite their practical significance, such issues are addressed by surprisingly little case law. Finally, some decisions in the EU have helped to shed more light on the need for and the set-up of clean teams.


In view of the above, this webinar addresses several practical issues surrounding the set-up and management of clean teams, including: When and why are clean teams required? Who should conclude the clean team agreement? How to set up and manage a clean team: defining clean team information, choosing the clean team concept and selecting clean team members; Use of a clean team to prepare for integration: practical experience and best practice.


Speakers include:

France: Franck Audran - Gide (Paris); Germany: Patrick Grüner - Gleiss Lutz (Stuttgart); Italy: Patrick Actis Perinetto - Chiomenti (Rome); Spain and Portugal: Cristina Vila - Cuatrecasas (Barcelona)