IP, TMT and Data Protection

IP, TMT and Data Protection

Chiomenti offers tailored assistance in the Intellectual Property and the Technology, Media and Telecommunications sectors, working alongside the foremost Italian and international operators in the Italian media and electronic communications market as well as those that require protection of their business activities.

The Firm assists in areas ranging from Commercial (commercial contracts, licensing, franchising, production, etc.), to Data Protection and Privacy, patents, trademarks and designs, technology and technology use and transfers, trade secrets, copyright and similar matters. 

In the IP&TMT sectors, Chiomenti’s professionals advise on regulatory matters and authorizations for the most significant extraordinary transactions, and assist operators in the entire TMT supply chain– from content producers to broadcasters and over-the-top platforms, from fixed and mobile telecom operators, to app and fintech services providers, from advertising to e-commerce companies – both in the analysis of the regulatory aspects and in drafting complex contracts.

Chiomenti also assists operators in IP&TMT in administrative and civil law disputes, in matters concerning contract law and claims for damages, as well as disputes concerning consumers and competition law that affect companies in regulated sectors.

Chiomenti further assists its clients in matters relating to unfair competition, advertising and business communications, and provides assistance in all matters concerning information technology and personal data protection. Chiomenti also deals with the protection and proper management of information and intangible property rights, both in the physical and digital spheres.


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