Digital Economy

Digital Economy

The professionalism and experience Chiomenti has gained in over 60 years of activity in the banking, finance, insurance, and technology sectors are further enhanced in the processes of innovation and digitalisation that these markets are now going through. 

As pioneers in the analysis and management of complex legal issues concerning the breakthrough of new technologies that are rapidly transforming operators’ roles and opening up new markets, both for the sector’s traditional players and innovative enterprises, Chiomenti’s professionals are able to assist all clients in making the most of the opportunities afforded by the new technologies, always in light of the relevant regulatory environment. 

From corporate compliance to data security, from management of databases to commercial contracts, from intellectual property law to reorganizations aimed at widening a product and service offering, or future-proofing business models, Chiomenti is able to assist anyone wanting to ride the wave of the digital revolution.

  • Regulatory compliance.   
    The market leader in advising financial operators on regulatory matters, Chiomenti is able to advise financial institutions in analysing relevant regulations when structuring innovative financial product operations, and technology and start‑up players on authorisation procedures for the launch of new products or on their entry into new markets, including the required notifications to and relations with competent Authorities.

  • Data protection and Cyber Security.   
    The Firm advises financial institutions in managing and protecting personal data and facing the challenges presented by new electronic payment and validation systems. The dedicated team of experts advises financial institutions and technology companies on the use, marketing and protection of personal data, whether collected directly or purchased from third parties.  Chiomenti also has wide and well-established experience in cyber‑security and in protecting brand reputation in the event of system violations. 

  • Consumer protection.   
    Chiomenti advises clients on matters related to the Consumer Code, end-user licence agreements, warranties, and liability.

  • Commercial contracts/IP.
    Chiomenti advises on all aspects related to launching new technological services, ensuring, for example, the applicability of contracts with third-party vendors, managing the negotiation and drafting of intellectual property rights contracts for software and other solutions developed under commercial agreements.