Chiomenti provides comprehensive and expert advice on compliance matters both for Italian companies operating abroad and international clients that need to align their compliance programmes to Italian law.

The growing complexity of business activities and their global nature require companies to comply with national and international regulations so as to avoid any potentially illegal activity and to react promptly where necessary. To respond to these needs, Chiomenti works with a multi-disciplinary team and in synergy with its clients to draft compliance models that meet regulatory and business integrity standards while being consistent with the relevant business’s strategies.

Chiomenti is part of the European Network with Cuatrecasas, Gide Loyrette Nouel and Gleiss Lutz, and participates in its “Compliance & Internal Investigation” Focus Group, ensuring transnational coverage for the legal services offered.

  • Chiomenti provides comprehensive and multidisciplinary advice through teams of professionals with varying levels and types of experience, assisting its clients in a complex market dominated by widely varying international regulations.

  • Thanks to its international outlook and its position as a founding member of the European Network, the Firm is one of the first in Italy to have gained expertise in compliance at an international level.