Chiomenti Law and Digital Innovation Award - Law, Economy and Technologies: new professional tools, organisation and rules for development.

Chiomenti confirms its focus on new professional skills, by promoting the first "Chiomenti Law and Digital Innovation Award”, which will be awarded to brilliant students and recent graduates of law, who feel passionate about the effects of technological innovation on the future of the economy, law and the practice of the legal profession. The winner of the prize will be awarded Euro 5,000, on completion of a 6-month, remunerated, internship with the firm. Three additional prizes, consisting of 6-month, remunerated, internships will also be awarded. In line with the objectives of the Award, the Jury tasked with granting the prize is composed of external professionals from international players at the forefront of technological innovation, such as Matteo Concas, General Manager Italy, Head of Growth N26, and Luca Colombo, Facebook Italy Country Director and internal representatives of the firm including Filippo Modulo, Alessandro Portolano, Gregorio Consoli.
Download here aside the Award description adn The Application Form