Lex Mundi Global Anti-Corrpution Compliance Guide: Italy Chapter by Chiomenti


Chiomenti, with Partner Stefano Manacorda, has contributed to the Lex Mundi Global Anti-Corruption Compliance Guide.
The Guide, compiled by Lex Mundi member firms from around the world, summarizes regulatory regimes in 80 jurisdictions across the Americas, APAC and in EMEA.

Chiomenti is the member firm in Italy for "Lex Mundi", the world's leading network of independent law firms with representative firms in more than 100 countries.

The overview on Italy provided by the Firm with Stefano Manacorda as contributor, focuses specifically on these key-topics:
•    What is the key anti-bribery and corruption legislation in your jurisdiction?
•    Has there been a specific anti-bribery and corruption law enacted in your jurisdiction in the last ten years?
•    Is a bribe payment to domestic government officials prohibited by the legislation?
•    Is a bribe payment to foreign government officials prohibited by the legislation?
•    Is requesting or accepting a bribe prohibited by the legislation?
•    Who is subject to the legislation?
•    Is there criminal liability for corporate entities who have either paid or accepted a bribe payment?
•    What is the penalty for individuals violating the law?
•    Assuming corporate entities are liable for violating the legislation: what is the penalty for corporate entities violating the law? Does having a compliance program designed to prevent bribery constitute a defense? Is it possible for a corporate entity to reach a deferred prosecution agreement or leniency agreement with the enforcement authorities?

Download the Guide here