IV Chiomenti Annual Forum Pharma, Healthcare & Life Sciences, 26 November 2020


On November 26, 2020 (17 CET), Chiomenti will hold online the fourth edition of the Annual Forum Pharma, Healthcare and Life Sciences, promoted by our Business Unit Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Life Sciences and coordinated by our Partner Luca Liistro, Head of the BU. 

With a group of experts and practitioners and the coordination of Giuliana Ferraino (Journalist - Corriere della Sera), the Forum will provide the participants with an outlook on the Italian healthcare, pharma and life sciences market and will explore the challenges we are facing and what to expect in the future. 

The topics will be discussed with the participation of: Alessandra Gavirati (Biotech investor), Riccardo Manca (General Manager – Lifebrain), Gianluca Parazzini (Executive Director Healthcare - Investment Banking Division – Goldman Sachs International), Alessandro Piga (Managing Director – Techwald Holding S.p.A.), David Porter (Founding Partner Apposite Capital) and Roberto Tascione (CEO – Zambon).


For further info and to receive the video recording of the Forum: events@chiomenti.net