Chiomenti joins the IBA 2020 - Virtual Conference, 2-27 November 2020


Chiomenti joins the IBA 2020 - Virtual Conference (2-27 November 2020), with the participation of Partners Carola Antonini, Luca Andrea Frignani, Raul-Angelo Papotti and Annalisa Reale.

The Conference provides a new way to bring the IBA and the world’s legal community together in this period of uncertainty, offering a huge substantive and interactive program linked with creative professional and social networking opportunities.

Luca Andrea Frignani joins European Regional Forum (2nd Nov.) as co-moderator; Raul-Angelo Papotti joins Private Client Tax Committee - Taxes Committee, as moderator at the panel on “Structuring and financing investment in trophy assets and real estate” (6th Nov.); Carola Antonini joins as speaker a session on “Sustainable lawyering - adding value to your client’s business”( 20th Nov.) and Annalisa Reale joins as moderator a session on “Fighting bias in the age of machine learning and artificial intelligence” (25th Nov.).

See full program here: