Chiomenti joins the 2nd Annual E-Talia Summit (23-24 February 2021) - Accelerating the Italian Energy Transition


E-Talia is Italy’s premium energy transition online congress for accelerating the decarbonisation of the energy markets.
The congress’s objectives are to bring together key players in the value chain from investors to renewable energy project developers to utilities and corporate/industrial energy consumers.

Chiomenti joins the Congress with the participation of Partner Carola Antonini, Head of Energy Business Unit, who will be speaking on February, 23 (10-11 CET) at the panel “Keynote Italy New Energy Leaders – The Strategic & Regulatory Challenges To Achieving the 2030 Targets”.

The panel fill focus on these key topics:

  • What is the global energy transition?
  • What steps have been taken so far to put Italy on track to reach Renewable Electricity targets of 54%?
  • What new regulations are needed to attract investment that de-risks capacity investments and encourages a flexible energy system?
  • How can Italy be successful in attracting the necessary capital for energy investments? What will be the role of renewable energy auctions in driving development?
  • How will the national electricity system need to adapt to integrate large amounts of new renewable capacity? What are the battery storage options and role of hydrogen to help decarbonize the energy markets?

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